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Mission Statement

The Quality of Life Association, (Qu.O.L.A.) is a nonprofit organization who's mission is to assist people in defining what is most important to them in their lives. We then provide resources for them to be successful in keeping those things consistently in the forefront of their life. It is Qu.O.L.A.'s (Koala's) belief, that in clarifying and keeping our highest quality of life (QOL) needs in focus, we make life easier and enhance life quality for ourselves and those around us.

Worldwide Vision

Our association is doing some exiting networking around the world! There is a cutting edge research group in Copenhagen, Denmark called the Quality of Life Research Center. Director Bruce Draper visited this group in May and came home with stacks of fascinating research and software. Canada has an active networking group out of Ottawa called the Quality of Life Network. It is a group spread out over North America discussing QOL issues over the internet.

Director & Seminar Leader

Bruce Draper, R.N. blends his 25 years of experience in Emergency Room Medicine and adolescent psychology with his insight and passion for pursuing life's zest. He has been certified in counseling by the University of California and is the author of The Quality of Life Workbook and Resource Guide. Bruce Draper, R.N.

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Quality of Life Association
343 Soquel Avenue, Suite #220
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone: 831- 469 - 4000
Email: bruce@quola.org


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